Hosted by Tracy Soren & Jessie Jolles

Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles have regrets: hilarious, sad, shocking, scary, stupid regrets. And now, Tracy and Jessie are ready to spill the beans. Alongside their regret-filled friends, the duo laughs, cries, yells, and perseveres through the unforgiving streets of Regretsville.

“Giving equal weight and attention to all manner of regrets—from bad subway behavior to scarring family scandals—Soren and Jolles give hilarious, thought-provoking and often healing advice to comics looking to get some baggage off their chests. A fully-rounded podcast experience.”The Best NYC Comedy Podcasts, Timeout NY 2017


EP28 “Don’t Open The Cage” w/ Jessica Fuchs (Jan 24 2018)

Jessica Fuchs regrets opening up a cage full of puppies. Intrigued?

EP27 “Defending Your Life” w/ Jackie Jennings (Jan 17 2018)

Defending Your Life! Not only the name of this week’s episode, but also a 1991 film featuring Meryl Streep & Albert Brooks that Jessie INSISTS everybody watch. Including this week’s guest, writer and SyFy Host Jackie Jennings! Jackie brings a couple regrets to the table — taking Accutane TWICE and not pursuing acting more seriously after high school. Plus, a guy throws a coffee at Jessie and Tracy brings a whole kosher salami to work!

EP26 “Two Busted Knees” w/ Dan Lee (Jan 9 2018)

Soren and Jolles are joined by Dan Lee, host of Asian AF at UCB, for the first ever MEDICAL episode of Regretsville! Jessie reveals the news that she bought a new television with…wait for it…HGTV! Her life is forever altered, and her regret is all the time she spent without cable. Tracy regrets not taking advantage of the holiday sales, but backtracks because…how good are the sales really? According to Jessie, not that good. Dan regrets not taking care of a knee injury sooner and inadvertently leads Soren and Jolles down a rabbit hole of medical inquiries.

EP25 “It’s The Armpit!” w/ Alli Brown (Jan 3 2018)

Soren and Jolles talk to stand-up, actress, and performer at UCB’s Characters Welcome, Alli Brown. Jessie starts with a recent home-styling regret and Tracy follows with a dermatological quandary and poses the age-old question: why would anyone own multiple razors? Alli regrets how she handled the end of her relationship with her high school boyfriend, and once Alli lets that emotional honesty fly, it’s off to the races. They talk compassion, relationships with parents, and (obviously) shout their *sliding scale* therapists.

EP24 “Trash Adjacent” w/ Rasheda Crockett (Dec 20 2017)

It’s a beautiful, tears & laughs kind of episode! Comedian Rasheda Crocket joins Soren and Jolles to talk about her biggest regret: not seeing her best friend in the hospital before he passed away from cancer. But it wouldn’t be an episode of Regretsville if an emotional, sad, beautiful story wasn’t followed by a hilarious one about being a bridesmaid for the 7th time and getting a little too drunk! Plus, Tracy really wishes she didn’t watch a disgusting video on Facebook and Jessie is pissed for not writing down a list of things she needed before going to the store.

EP23 “190 Ruined Snow Globes” w/ Ruby Karp (Dec 12 2017)

Ruby Karp (Earth Hates Me, UCB) joins Soren and Jolles on Regretsville to discuss her new hit book, Earth Hates Me – True Confessions from a Teenage Girl (in stores now!) and one of her biggest regrets: pretending to want drugs, just to talk to an older crush. And rest assured, by the end of this episode, 190 snow globes will be broken! Plus, Jessie feels a connection between her and the Apple Genius Bar guy, Tracy is the first person ever to hate the NYC subway, and all three agree – Fuck the SAT.

EP22 “Lawning” w/ Steven Levine (Dec 5 2017)

Lawning (verb) – the act of driving one’s car across a person’s lawn for sport. Funny for us, but a big regret for this week’s guest, comedian Steven Levine (Captain Hippo). He joins Soren and Jolles to discuss this obscure and dangerous sport (invented by a high school friend), along with being forced to buy muffins by a Costco employee while shopping at Costco. Plus, Jessie wishes she could make it home for her Mother’s birthday, Tracy wishes she shot back at a snotty employee at work, and Steven details what it’s like to participate in a “theft scavenger hunt.”

EP21 “34 Credits Shy” w/ Corin Wells (Nov 29 2017)

This episode of Regretsville finally addresses what to do when you’re trapped in an elevator that’s in free fall! But WAY more importantly, Corin Wells (UCB) joins Soren and Jolles to talk about her biggest regret: dropping out of college 34 credits shy. Plus, Tracy can’t stand having to pee in the middle of the night and Jessie wishes she spent more time with her cat.

EP20 “Dad Facts” w/ Claire Burns (Nov 22 2017)

Happy Thanksgiving!! Regretsville is here to accompany you on your Holiday travels! Comedian Claire Burns joins Soren and Jolles to discuss her biggest regret: not having more recordings of her mom before she died 17 years ago. But before that, all three are itching to dissect their regrets of the week: Jessie’s salad wasn’t taken off the dinner bill, even when it was delivered after everyone completed their meal; Tracy massacres an ingrown hair on her boob; and Claire wishes she left 15 minutes early all the time.

EP19 “The Bill Parsons Show” w/ Sarah Smallwood Parsons (Nov 14 2017)

On this week’s episode, Regretsville celebrates its first ever DAD CALL-IN! Comedian Sarah Smallwood Parsons joins Jessie & Tracy to discuss her biggest regret: telling someone the name of her crush. And lucky us, her loving all-star father Bill is in the mix to shed some light, since he was involved (hint: he was the someone). Plus, Tracy is diagnosed with Dermatillomania by Sarah and Jessie, Jessie fears getting her fingernails mocked at the salon, and all three discuss the merits of quiet sex vs. loud sex!

EP18 “Stereotypical Villain” w/ Glo Tavarez (Nov 6 2017)

Who the hell eats a grapefruit on the subway?! The hilarious Glorillis “Glo” Tavarez (UCB) joins Soren & Jolles to talk about one of her biggest regrets: pushing people away when they express interest in dating her. Together, all three discuss the pressures of dating & marriage, bullying, and for the first time in over a decade, MTV’s Boiling Point. Plus, Tracy is disappointed by #BadMoms and Jessie is still upset at the VILLAIN eating that grapefruit on the subway, spraying citrus fruit everywhere.

EP17 “Drop Me Into A Volcano” w/ Chelsea Dallas (Oct 30 2017)

When Chelsea Dallas dies, she kindly requests that you drop her in a volcano! She joins Soren & Jolles to discuss her biggest regret: not visiting her Grandma with Alzheimers during her last years. The conversation then opens up to a larger discussion about getting older, retirement, and death. Seems morbid, because it is! But it’s also heartfelt and hilarious! Plus, Jessie is anxious about the bags of clothing in her room that she hasn’t brought to Buffalo Exchange and Tracy wishes she were more assertive when an Italian Restaurant near her childhood home was late making her food.

EP16 “Hold The Fries” w/ Alex Estrada (Oct 24 2017)

Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster! Comedian and performer who can tell a story better than you, Alex Estrada (Upright Citizens Brigade), joins Tracy & Jessie in-studio to discuss his biggest regrets: Not ending a few dying relationships sooner and not traveling home to visit his mom before she passed away. And you know the episode is gonna be good when Alex STARTS the show with a MISSING WIFE anecdote. Cherish this hilarious, painful, awkward, beautiful episode and share it with all the podcast lovers you know!

EP15 “I Have The Power” w/ Carly Ann Filbin (Oct 2 2017)

The great Carly Ann Filbin (UCB) joins Tracy & Jessie on #Regretsville to talk about her two biggest regrets: leaving her sister by herself at home after her parents told them they were getting a divorce and, more generally, the situations where she gives her power away. Plus, Tracy binges Insecure and regrets not starting sooner, Jessie “always looking for content” Jolles is accused of line-cutting at #29Rooms, and Carly doesn’t wear a helmet while biking (which is NOT okay!!)

EP14 “The Nasty Note” w/ Sam Klemmer (Oct 16 2017)

Word to the wise: don’t do anything hasty or stupid when locked in an on-going feud with your old neighbor! Sam Klemmer (Cowbell Media) joins Tracy & Jessie to discuss a big regret of his: not getting revenge on his roommate for playing a potentially dangerous prank on him (this story has a twist!!). Plus, Jessie skips therapy and apologies to Pamela on-air, Tracy gets caught in an elevator, and all three don’t like the game, “are you a horse face or a pig face?”

EP13 “Burnt Toast” w/ Jonathan Braylock (Oct 9 2017)

I stopped my own trajectory! Comedian Jonathan Braylock (Black Men Can’t Jump In Hollywood/IFC) joins Jessie & Tracy to talk about a BIG CAREER REGRET — not stopping his friend and collaborator Ramy from moving to LA to do a Nickelodeon show, just as their own act was gaining momentum (13:28)– and a DEEP PERSONAL childhood regret (43:17). Plus, Tracy underestimates the wait-time during a live show taping and almost dies of thirst (3:19) and Jessie, famous “needle-phobe,” almost passes out at the doctors when she’s told she might need blood taken (6:24). Dive in bbs, this one will get ya GOIN!

EP12 “College Bullies” w/ Caitlin Brodnick (Sep 26 2017)

Tracy and Jessie invite comedian and author Caitlin Brodnick (Dangerous Boobies)onto the show to talk about her new book, Dangerous Boobies – Breaking Up With My Time-Bomb Breasts, and one of her biggest regrets — surrounding herself with bullies in college. Plus, Jessie’s friend helps her organize her life, Tracy fears a comment she made at a show was taken the wrong way, and so many more #regrets!

EP11 “Uncle Dougald” w/ Aileen Clark (Sep 18 2017)

Aileen Clark joins Tracy & Jessie on a beautiful, hilarious episode of Regretsville to talk about her biggest regret: traveling to her father’s hometown in Scotland without her father. She tells us the story of visiting her ancestors’ grave, meeting her father’s childhood best friend Uncle Dougald, and feeling at home in a place she’d never been to before. Plus, Jessie doesn’t go on a first date in a park at night with a complete stranger and Tracy picks at a pimple until it scars. Buckle up, babies, its a goodie!

EP10 “The Wizard and I” w/ Morgan Miller (Sep 11 2017)

Morgan Miller (UCB) joins Tracy & Jessie to talk one of her biggest regrets: not doing musicals in middle school. But here at Regretsville, not only are regrets discussed, but DREAMS ARE REALIZED! Morgan sings a little karaoke from the HIT broadways musical #Wicked. That’s right! Also, Jessie goes on “a little bit of a spiral” watching Medium, Tracy needs to get the f**k up when her body tells her to, and Morgan dishes on circus camp hero Wavy Gravy!

EP9 “I Machete’d My Hand” w/ Anna Roisman (Sep 5 2017)

Regretsville returns after a lil labor day break and they got the Yenta of comedy with them, Anna Roisman (The Unemployed Show)! Together, they talk about Anna’s biggest regret – hacking at the pit of an avocado and missing during a high-stakes Oscar party. Then the conversation takes an unexpected turn and they tell stories of their tough, often racist grandmas! Plus, Jessie proclaims that sugar is the cigarettes of our generation, Tracy didn’t get those damn eclipse glasses, and everyone’s breaking hips!

EP8 “I’ll Drown and Save Myself!” w/ Lou Gonzalez (Aug 27 2017)

Tracy & Jessie invite Lou Gonzalez (UCB) onto the show to discuss two of his biggest regrets: dabbling a bit too much in video games/weed and losing his academic scholarship & starting a production company. Plus, Jessie forgets she’s pale/jewish and gets badly sunburnt, Tracy regrets sprinting to yoga while pmsing, and Lou wishes he could talk more about Moana. It’s a gem of an episode that’ll inspire you to fearlessly tackle this upcoming week! Or at least inspire you to re-watch Moana.

EP7 “Don’t Save The Date” w/ Jenna Marucci (Aug 21 2017)

Tracy & Jessie welcome Jenna Marucci to Regretsville to discuss two of her biggest regrets: leaving therapy at the same time she went cold turkey on her medication & not confronting her friend after being disinvited from her wedding. Plus, Jessie goes on a blind date with a psychopath and Tracy finds turds/mice in her apartment.

EP6 “Judy” w/ Emma Willmann (Aug 14 2017)

Emma Willmann holds nothing back as she opens up about addiction, cheating, sexting, strippers, and sugar.

EP5 “Vegans, Don’t Judge Me” w/ Nina Daniels (Aug 6 2017)

Nina Daniels (Shameless/Maron) visits Tracy & Jessie on Regretsville to talk about killing a neighbor’s chicken when she was 8 years-old. Tracy’s elderly dog is pissing all over her apartment, Jessie doesn’t know how to deal with her hair, and the gang learns that Nebraska doesn’t have dressing on the side. Plus, Nina recounts getting her braces stuck on her boy crush’s braces while making out in the back of her mom’s car.

EP4 “Bees, Snakes, and Sewer Problems” w/ Danny Jolles (Jul 31 2017)

It’s a family reunion on Regretsville! Jessie’s brother, the hilarious Danny Jolles (Crazy Ex Girlfriend), joins Soren & Jolles to discuss his two biggest regrets: taking a stand against his middle school bully in Home Ec class and selecting meaningless items to take with him after his house burned down as a kid. In addition, Jessie “fake it till you make it” bartending strategy backfires, Tracy treats herself to greasy Carnitas and pays the ultimate price, and the Jolles’s reveal the horrors of “The Nightmare House” they rented following the fire.

EP3 “A Very Potter Regret” w/ Mike Kelton (Jul 23 2017)

Tracy & Jessie invite the one and only Mike Kelton (MTV) to Regretsville to discuss some of his biggest regrets: Turning down the role of Ron Weasley in Starkid Production’s “A Very Potter Musical” at University Of Michigan, trusting a NY hairstylist with a “cool, youthful” cut before a showcase, and handing out Atlantic City weekend getaways in his underwear at Grand Central. Plus, Mike senses that Tracy & Jessie will star in a soap commercial in their 40s and your hosts recount being dressed like birds at a Bat Mitzvah “hosting” gig.

EP2 “Mommy Need Amoebas” w/ Joanna Hausmann (Jul 16 2017)

Buckle up, listeners, we’re heading back to Regretsville! Tracy & Jessie invite Joanna Hausmann (Bill Nye Saves The World, Flama) onto the show to discuss a college plagiarism case between her and a selfish boy crush and her first year as a freelancer in New York. Plus, Tracy turns 30 and wishes she had stopped spoken word poetry sooner, Jessie invents a new phrase “Listen Tight,” and Joanna reminisces about that amazing time she hallucinated on rat sh*t as a child.

EP1 “Profit and Loss, Baby!” w/ Alyssa Limperis (Jul 9 2017)

On the inaugural episode of Regretsvile, Tracy Soren & Jessie Jolles invite Alyssa Limperis (The Scene) onto the podcast to discuss her two biggest regrets. Then, Tracy relives her chai-tea sickness at Passover, Jessie remembers the good ‘ol “college frat pudding room” days, both reflect on getting kicked out of Panera Bread earlier in the week, and a whole lot more.