Veronica Osorio

Veronica Osorio is an actress/comedian. Raised in Venezuela, she left an improv, circus, musical theater and film career in Venezuela to learned how to improvise in English and, eventually, become part of UCB Theater NYC. She’s currently hosting the show The XX Factor, an all female sketch showcase at UCB Sunset and is part of UCB LA sketch team Eastwood and Digital team Sancho. She’s a channel partner with Mas Mejor (the Horatio Sanz/Broadway Video channel) and is part of the NBC/UCB show on SeeSo. She has also appeared in the Coen Brothers’ film Hail Caesar and the TV shows Comedy Bang! Bang!, Friends Of The People, and Adam Ruins Everything.

Treks and the City Move over Nerdbros. Alice Wetterlund and Veronica Osorio are bringing a much needed feminist perspective to the sci-fi roundtable, dissecting Star Trek: The Next Generation episode by episode with their hilarious friends.