VOLCANO TOWN is a play in 12 parts set in Zoar PA, a small mining town full of mystery that may or may not be on the verge of being destroyed by a giant volcano. All 12 parts of Volcano Town were performed at The PIT NYC from January-December 2015. But if you missed it, don’t worry! There’s still plenty on this site to explore, including PHOTOS and CHARACTER BIOS and PART RECAPS below–

PART ONE: Famous actress Kim Jordache returns to her hometown of Zoar, PA in the wake of a bestiality scandal, looking to rebuild her life. But when Kim goes missing within 24 hours of her return, Zoar is thrown into turmoil and suspicion is cast upon Dick Disney, middle school janitor and former juvenile delinquent. Meanwhile, scientist Dr. Purview reveals a dangerous secret– the town’s most famous landmark Mt. Zoar is actually an active volcano– and pays the ultimate price.

Written By: Brett Boham | Directed By: Joe Cilio & Alex Ramsey | Cast: Andrew Block, Nick Carrillo, Joe Cilio, Allison Frasca, Tony Grayson, Hallie Haas, Alex Ramsey, Jose Rivera Jr, Matt Rubano, Dana Shulman, and  John Zachary Townsend

PART TWO: The search for Kim Jordache intensifies while the revelation of Dr. Purview’s murder makes the residents of Zoar wonder if something sinister is at work in their once peaceful town. Taking matters into his own hands, Dick Disney searches for clues in Dr. Purview’s mountain cabin and makes some shocking discoveries about a conspiracy to cover up the truth about Mt. Zoar. Meanwhile, a new mayoral candidate arises from an unexpected place when middle school teacher Connie Hubert is visited in the middle of the night by God and told to run.

Written By: Alex Ramsey | Directed By: Joe Cilio & Alex Ramsey | Cast: Brooks Allison, Shani Bekt, Andrew Block, Joe Cilio, Tony Grayson, Hallie Haas, Rachel Joravsky, Gabriel Laks, Eitan Levine, Gili Nir, Rachel Pegram, Alex Ramsey, and Pat Swearingen

PART THREE: Eight-term mayor Pearl Braddock finds her power threatened by opposition candidate Connie Hubert, as battle lines are drawn around a controversial bill known as Prop 34, which promises to redistribute ownership of the town’s lucrative potash mines. Connie learns the art of politics from campaign manager and professional dirtbag Vince Fargunkel, while Pearl seeks the assistance of her longtime donors and owners of the potash mines, the Custard family.

Written By: Joe Cilio | Directed By: Joe Cilio & Alex Ramsey | Cast: Nicco Aeed, Brooks Allison, Amy Berger, Helen Beyene, Joe Cilio, Sam Corbin, Hallie Haas, Sarah Heveron-Smith, Allison Houser, Jenny Jaffe, Gabriel Laks, Emily Mathwich, Gili Nir, Alex Ramsey, and Jacob Wilson

PART FOUR: Zoar is visited by the architect of Prop 34, the mysterious, powerful Beverly, who intervenes in Connie Hubert’s campaign in an attempt to shift the balance of power away from Mayor Braddock and the Custards. Meanwhile, more secrets from the past are revealed, including the romantic origins of the Burger King fast food chain, and a timely revelation from the ghost of Dr. Purview sets Dick on the right path to finding Kim Jordache.

Written By: Brett Boham | Directed By: Joe Cilio & Alex Ramsey | Cast: Brooks Allison, Andrew Block, Joe Cilio, Ali Gordon, Julia Kennelly, Gili Nir, Alex Ramsey, Michael Ring, John Zachary Townsend, and Maggie Widdoes

PART FIVE: Dick descends into the depths of Mt. Zoar to rescue Kim Jordache, but not before learning a terrible secret: the mountain is not a volcano after all. It is Hell, housing the souls of Zoar’s damned and ruled over by a demonic dictator named Luxifer. During his journey, Dick encounters some of the town’s most notorious citizens, while coming to terms with his own criminal past.

Written By: Alex Ramsey | Directed By: Joe Cilio & Alex Ramsey | Cast: Brooks Allison, Andrew Block, Joe Cilio, Allison Frasca, Hallie Haas, Natalie Herzig, Allison Houser, Jenny Jaffe, Gabriel Laks, Gili Nir, Alex Ramsey, Matt Rubano, Dana Shulman, John Zachary Townsend, and Jacob Wilson

PART SIX: Dick Disney arrives at the Royal Palace at the bottom of Hell, only to find that his unrequited love Kim Jordache is engaged to marry Hell’s overlord, Luxifer. Dick refuses to accept this arrangement, leading to a humiliating rejection by Kim and an even more humiliating athletic defeat by Luxifer. Dick’s realization that he might not be the hero of his own story coincides with the surprising revelation that Luxifer is responsible for keeping Zoar safe from the savage monsters that lurk under the bottom of Hell. After marrying Luxifer, Kim is at last granted her freedom.

Written By: Joe Cilio | Directed By: Joe Cilio & Alex Ramsey | Cast: Andrew Block, Allison Frasca, Erik Kochenberger, Matt Rogers, and Johanna Sarriot

PART SEVEN: With the Zoar mayoral election fast approaching, underdog challenger Connie Hubert makes a surprising leap in the polls when a midnight rendezvous with Jesus Christ (Vince Fargunkel in disguise) transforms her into a doomsday prophet, predicting that a series of seven plagues will descend upon Zoar. Mayor Pearl Braddock’s attempt to regain her lead by countering religious panic with scientific facts goes awry (due to the shocking betrayal of her longtime donors, the Custards) and the Mayor finds herself in an unfamiliar position: ostracized and alone. Meanwhile, Kim Jordache returns to town in dramatic fashion and throws her hat into the mayoral ring, to the delight of the town’s residents.

Written By: Brett Boham | Directed By: Joe Cilio & Alex Ramsey | Cast: Hallie Haas, Michael Ring, Alex Ramsey, Brooks Allison, Jacob Wilson, Jenny Jaffe, Ali Gordon, Allison Houser, Joe Cilio, and Allison Frasca

PART EIGHT: While the town mulls over the remaining mayoral candidates, Dick Disney finds himself in a pit of despair, having lost his dignity, his friends, and his chance at true love with Kim Jordache. Drunk and alone, Dick falls under the spell of Beverly, who convinces him that women love “bad boys,” leading him to go on a second crime spree that culminates in the kidnapping of Kim Jordache. This plays perfectly into Beverly’s plan to lure Kim’s husband Luxifer out of Hell so that she can sneak in and steal the magical immortal bugs contained there. Meanwhile, Dick’s crime spree ends in a hail of bullets when he’s shot over 100 times by a pair of off-duty cops and left to rot in an abandoned warehouse.

Written By: Alex Ramsey | Directed By: Joe Cilio & Alex Ramsey | Cast: Andrew Block, Allison Frasca, Michael Ring, Alex Song, Catherine Cohen, Taylor Ortega, Kim Parker, Jessie Jolles, Ariel Gitlin, and Gabriel Laks

PART NINE: On their way back to Hell, Kim and Luxifer spend the night in a rustic inn called the Time Machine Motel, the very establishment that now employs former Police Chief Randy Casino and disgraced Mayor Pearl Braddock. The motel is named after the functioning time machine in the lobby, which Randy plans to use to save his missing son, but not before hosting Zoar’s 1st Annual Fringe Festival! The Fringe Festival descends into chaos when a love potion is misused and Death appears, harvesting souls at random. When the smoke clears, Luxifer (and many others) are dead, Randy and Pearl have disappeared in the time machine, and Kim is left with no way of stopping the monsters of Hell from storming down the mountain and ravaging Zoar.

Written By: Joe Cilio | Directed By: Joe Cilio & Alex Ramsey | Cast: Hallie Haas, Joe Cilio, Matt Rogers, Allison Frasca, Matt Gehring, Sarah Heveron-Smith, Sam Corbin, Jacob Wilson, Gabriel Laks, and Joe Silver

PART TEN: It’s finally Election Day in Zoar! But nobody shows up to vote besides the candidates and campaign managers because their endless fear mongering has caused a mass exodus. At the last second, Milch and Sangria Disney, the worst people in town, cast write-in votes for themselves, becoming co-Mayors of Zoar. But their celebration is cut short when a horde of Frankensteins and Mummies surround City Hall. The only way to survive is to create a Netflix original series and thereby trigger CEO Reed Hastings’ famous guarantee: “Sell me a script and I’ll send you an army!” Although Hastings is unimpressed with the “80-page porno” that the survivors create, he promises that if they bring him the magical immortal bugs contained inside Mt. Zoar, he will still send them an army.

Written By: Brett Boham | Directed By: Joe Cilio & Alex Ramsey | Cast: Matthew Rubano, Dana Shulman, Brooks Allison, Gili Nir, Allison Houser, Alex Ramsey, Allison Frasca, Sunita Mani, and Taylor Gregory

PART ELEVEN: As Zoar crumbles, the last four citizens left alive fight over the heavily protected hive of magical bugs known as Omegamytes contained in the center of Hell. Kim Jordache wants the bugs to give to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in exchange for an army to save Zoar. The others– Beverly, Axe, and Vince– have more selfish motives. But their task is further complicated when the newly elected Lord of Hell, Dick Disney, makes everyone compete for the bugs in a bizarre series of events called the “Dick Games.” Little does Dick know that his games are being watched over by an even higher power, Randy Casino, whose distant travels through space and time have resulted in him becoming, for lack of a better word, God. Randy arrests Beverly for crimes against humanity and sends Kim back in time to the early days of Zoar, giving her a chance to change the course of history and save her beloved hometown.

Written By: Alex Ramsey | Directed By: Joe Cilio & Alex Ramsey | Cast: Allison Frasca, Andrew Block, Brooks Allison, Michael Ring, Richard Armstead, Sarah Olofson, Justin Cimino, Alex Ramsey, and Joe Cilio

PART TWELVE: The story of Zoar, PA ends in three separate strands of time: the outbreak of World War II in Kim Jordache’s Zoar, the outbreak of revolution in Randy Casino’s Space Zoar, and Christmas Morning in the sleepy town of Beverly, Pennsylvania. But no matter the time, the residents of Volcano Town cannot escape some eternal truths: love, loss, life, and karaoke. Shouting matches, sound effects, politics, and monologues. Charming protagonists, supernatural adversaries, and familial ties. And of course, living under a potentially active volcano.

Written By: Joe Cilio | Directed By: Joe Cilio & Alex Ramsey | Cast: Allison Frasca, Hallie Haas, Gili Nir, Joe Cilio, Alex Ramsey, Andrew Block, Michael Ring, Brooks Allison, Gabe Laks, Matt Rogers, Jacob Wilson, Jenny Jaffe, Allison Houser, Matt Rubano, Dana Krashin, Sarah Heveron-Smith, Sam Corbin, John Zachary Townsend, Ali Gordon, Tony Grayson, Jose Rivera Jr., Eitan Levine, Rachel Pegram, Amy Berger, Helen Beyene, Nico Aeed, Alex Song, Catherine Cohen, Taylor Ortega, Ariel Gitlin, Jessie Jolles, Priya Patel, Natalie Herzig, Eric Kochenberger, Matt Gehring, Justin Cimino, Taylor Gregory, Maggie Widdoes, Julia Kennelly, Johanna Sarriot, Joe Silver, Kim Parker, Sarah Olofson, Emily Mathwich… and more!