Forever Dog’s Halloween horror comedy theatrical, “The Scary Secrets of Stasis, PA,” was last performed at Brooklyn’s legendarily creepy Morbid Anatomy Museum on October 30, 2015.

Synopsis: The population of Stasis, PA never changes. In fact, nothing in Stasis, PA ever changes. But when the high school valedictorian disappears in the days leading up to Halloween, the dark secrets of the town start to bubble to the surface. Local journalist Andrew Posey takes it upon himself to solve the mystery of the girl’s disappearance, only to uncover a vast conspiracy far scarier than anything he could ever imagine.

Written By Brett Boham

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October 30 2015, Morbid Anatomy Museum, Brooklyn, NY. Directed by Joe Cilio and Alex Ramsey. Starring Andrew Block, Hallie Haas, John Zachary Townsend, Milly Tamarez, Cory Willis, Brooks Allison, Allison Frasca, Sarah Heveron-Smith, Alex Ramsey, Joe Cilio, and Brett Boham.

October 31 2014, Treehouse Theater (PIT Loft), New York, NY. Directed by Joe Cilio and Alex Ramsey. Starring Andrew Block, Allison Brown, John Zachary Townsend, Erik Joseph Kochenberger, Brooks Allison, Alex Song, Sarah Heveron-Smith, Alex Ramsey, and Joe Cilio.

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