Official Selection

Chicago Fringe and Philadelphia Fringe 2013



PLOT SUMMARY: In a post-apocalyptic America, an evil wizard named Todd lords over a remote island in the Gulf of Mexico, sadistically orchestrating the rules of his house and the lives of his wife and son, while forcing a deformed jester to carry the burden of his memories. But Todd’s authority is finally threatened when a recently divorced pirate and his shipmates wash up on the shores of the island on Thanksgiving Day, bringing with them the possibility of freedom. The furious power struggle that follows thrusts the inhabitants of the island into an unstable dreamworld where the secrets of the past will be revealed and the rules of the future determined. Loosely inspired by Shakespeare’s Tempest, Dream Date is a dark comic fantasia that gives new meaning to the new world.

Written By Brett Boham/ Based on an Original Story By Brett Boham & Joe Cilio/ Directed By Joe Cilio and Alex Ramsey

Read an interview with playwright Brett Boham here.

PERFORMANCE HISTORY: “Dream Date” premiered on November 29 2012 at The Red Room Theatre, 85 E. 4th Street, NYC, and returned to the stage FALL 2013, playing August 30-31 at the Chicago Fringe Festival and September 20-21 at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

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