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Las Culturistas included on list of “10 Podcasts That Every LGBTQ Teen Should Listen To”  | Seventeen | November 20 2017

“Comedians and best friends Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers pose the question to every guest: What culture influenced you the most? For queer people, that narrative tends to be super similar—we all have those pop icons we latched onto as kids to help us make sense of the world. Las Culturistas brings all of these stories together into a hilarious and fun package, tied off with their iconic I Don’t Think So Honey segment where guests rail on a cultural phenomenon for exactly 1 minute.”

Rhea Butcher Talks New Podcast, Fandom, and Falling In Love with Sports | ESPN | October 28 2017

“I’m hoping to maybe add a different perspective on baseball and eventually sports, but also culture and politics. I kind of think of my podcast (Likely Mad As Hell) as a tiny version of a Pride night at a game. Giving people a solace to enjoy something they like and feel welcome while doing it. I got to throw out the first pitch for the Oakland Athletics this year at their pride night, and just seeing everyone so happy and so comfortable was really amazing and I just want to make versions of that in the world.”

Las Culturistas, Fresh Batch, and Regretsville Selected as Best NYC Comedy Podcasts | Timeout New York | October 16 2017

“Before they become household names, some of the funniest up-and-coming New York comedians—including Las Culturistas and Jessica Williams—are throwing down on outrageous podcasts covering sex, politics, pop-culture and working in the entertainment industry. And because they’re in NYC, you can catch performances of these podcasts at live comedy shows all around town. What are you waiting for? Embrace your new addictions…”

The Podcast for Laundry with Mike Abrusci Selected for Best Podcasts of the Week | The AV Club | September 28 2017

“Much like the successful comedy podcasts that came before it—Hollywood Handbook comes to mind—The Podcast For Laundry thrives on the specificity of its tone, and the growing realization of Brett Davis’ persona. The show is not as simple as the title might suggest, because with every new episode it fills out its universe in a way that can’t be reproduced. In the latest episode, Davis is joined by comedian Mike Abrusci, and the two enjoy watching clips from a CBS Sunday Morning segment about washing-machine fanatics. The whole thing is hysterically bleak, and every enthusiastic exclamation by Davis is complemented by Abrusci’s self-aware attempts at getting on board.”

Brooklyn Podcast Festival Welcomes Kevin McDonald and Las Culturistas | Brooklyn Vegan | September 28 2017

“Brooklyn’s The Bell House and Union Hall have long been home to live podcast tapings, and now the programming and hospitality team behind them (City Farm) have put together the Brooklyn Podcast Festival which happens Nov 14–19.”

Las Culturistas Selected for Best Podcasts of 2017 | Esquire | September 22 2017

“Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang are a pair of comedians and pop culture obsessives who devour the best—and worst—of the entertainment world. Each episode features a special guest (comedians Rachel Bloom, John Early, Sasheer Zamata, and Phoebe Robinson have all made appearances), joining to chat with the hosts about a variety of pop culture topics without breaking Rogers and Yang’s brilliant, rapid-fire chemistry…” Listen to Las Culturistas on FDPN

Podcasts Go Meta / Treks and the City Profile | Isthmus | September 20 2017

“There are already a ton of podcasts out there that recap and repackage old shows. Even without looking, I can guarantee that there are more than a few exploring the ever-expanding Star Trek universe. With Treks & The City, the comedy is the focus. But the real star is the unique and breezy feminist approach that hosts Alice Wetterlund and Vero Videtta take when tackling these early Next Generation episodes…”

Podcast for Laundry with Patti Harrison Selected for This Week in Comedy Podcasts | Splitsider | September 14 2017

“This has got to be Brett Davis’s most challenging interview to date. Patti Harrison arrives at the Wash Rite laundromat, nearby to her home and off of the bustling Bedford Avenue, and immediately takes the same kind of antagonistic tone Tom Scharpling did in The Podcast for Laundry’s maiden spin. In fact, Patti is so hostile to Brett’s laundry podcast idea that she, a noteworthy transgender comedian who made headlines in July for a Tonight Show roasting of President Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military, declares that she’s cis now.”

Groomzillas Selected for Best Podcasts of the Week | The AV Club | September 11 2017

Groomzillas is a podcast “by grooms, for grooms, and everyone in between” hosted by grooms-to-be Dan Gill and Eric Dadourian. This week they’re joined by fellow comedian Andrew Sleighter and caterer Chris Register to discuss wedding food. Dadourian dreams of Zankou Chicken for his wedding, while Gill plans to replace his wedding cake with soft-serve ice cream. Dadourian also tells the story of his wild last day as a wedding bartender in Palm Springs, while Sleighter talks marriage and the nightmare of getting sick at your own wedding.”

Fresh Batch on This Week in Comedy Podcasts| Splitsider | September 7 2017

“Ostensibly a Bachelor-focused TV roundup hosted by Michelle Collins (The ViewBachelor in Paradise: After ParadiseLittle Talk Live), Fresh Batch is more like a genuine therapy session this week when Collins is joined by Jessie Jolles and Claire Burns of the live show No Such Thing as Love. They talk about real things, like being single, losing a parent, keeping both parents, and being too tall to date.”

Primer: Turner Masters Memory Hospital | Humor and the Abject | September 7 2017

“Any artist interested in sound collage, world-building and narrative, persona and performance, or cultural critique will find plenty to chew on in Turner Masters Memory Hospital. The ugliness of its characters is countered by warm and seamless audio production, permitting one to get lost within the world, and then be violently shaken up without warning.”

Take a Grotesque Journey through the Vile World of Turner Masters Memory Hospital  | The AV Club | August 21 2017

“Across the scathing satirical series’ six episodes, every character is written with such id, and each is grotesque in their own unique and surprising ways. It’d be wrong to categorize the show as pure gross-out humor, though. It takes some very smart people to write characters this dumb, and that is showcased consistently in the artful way Catherine Cohen and Steven Markow construct spiraling tangents and flesh out this world. Turner Masters Memory Hospital is truly unlike any other comedy podcast out there, and much like its horrible titular character, it will not soon be forgotten.”

Treks and the City at Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, This Week in Comedy Podcasts | Splitsider | August 17 2017

“Two nerd girls talking Star Trek: The Next Generation? With all the geek guys in Podcastland, I can’t believe this show isn’t on top of the charts yet. But it IS only 7 episodes in, so give it time. Comedians and actresses Alice Wetterlund (Silicon Valley) and Veronica Osorio (Hail, Caesar!) turn out to be freaks for the follow-up to original Star Trek and have begun running down the 7-season series from the beginning, episode by episode. They take a break in the latest installment to make a pilgrimage to Las Vegas and this year’s Star Trek con. In costume, no less…” Listen to Treks and the City on FDPN

Is Podcast Host Kevin McDonald the ‘John Lennon of Comedy?’ | Splitsider | August 11 2017

“Best known as one of the founding members of the avant-garde sketch group Kids in the Hall, Kevin McDonald recently celebrated an anniversary. His podcast Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show — which blends sketch, interviews, and live music — just hit its one-year mark. In the past year McDonald has played host to the best of the best from his “‘90s celebrity phone list,” including Mike Myers, Bob Saget, and the rest of the Kids, along with musical guests like Ted Leo, Craig Finn, and the Gin Blossoms. I talked to McDonald about Jack Benny’s influence on his podcast, embracing his comedy cult status, and how he’s trying to be the John Lennon of comedy…”

Kevin McDonald Show with TJ Miller & Craig Finn Selected for This Week in Comedy Podcasts | Splitsider | August 3 2017

“It seems like every episode so far of Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show starts at an awkward place and then quickly verges into somewhat uncomfortable, while maintaining a steady downbeat of laughs all along the way. The latest installment is no exception, as we learn that McDonald’s show has been hijacked by the producers and, in an attempt to increase the podcast’s ratings, he is contractually bound to perform the script they’ve written for the show…”

The Podcast for Laundry with Chris Duffy Selected for Best Podcasts of the Week | The AV Club | July 31 2017

“A podcast about laundry should not be entertaining, ever. But leave it to Brett Davis (The Special Without Brett Davis) to find the funny in the mundane. An “abrasive and sad niche podcast,” The Podcast For Laundry is an exploration of the world of laundry. It sounds ridiculous, because it is: Doing laundry is one of the many things people do while listening to podcasts, so to host a show about what someone might be doing while listening to it is already a great joke. But the concept shows an unexpected longevity in this third episode, with comedian Chris Duffy as a guest…”

The Podcast for Laundry with Tom Scharpling Selected for This Week in Comedy Podcasts | Splitsider | July 13 2017

“It’s about time Brett Davis entered podcasting, and nobody out there could complement The Podcast For Laundry‘s dry and thoroughly absurd premise like Tom Scharpling can. Davis’s coming out party was a minor arc as Smith on The Chris Gethard Show two years ago, but he and Scharpling point out that careful listers of Tom’s program will remember him calling into WFMU long before he ever stepped foot on a comedy stage. The Best Show influence is loud and clear in the back room of the Grove Laundromat in Montclair, New Jersey, as Davis embodies every fool Tom has ever suffered all rolled into one deluded, antagonistic, idiotic bundle.”

Eight New Podcasts Released by Forever Dog Podcast Network | PASTE | July 5 2017

“The Forever Dog Podcast Network has announced the release of eight new comedy podcasts as a part of their “Podcast Summer” campaign. Through Sept. 1, the innovative comedy network is set to release an impressive line-up of shows, from a comedian-doctor duo answering listener questions about sex and health to a feminist dissection of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Hosted by the likes of The Special’s Brett Davis, Silicon Valley’s Alice Wetterlund, and contributor to Paste and The New Yorker Steven Markow, the new slate of podcast releases are sure to brighten up your morning commute this summer. Each series will be available via Forever Dog and Apple Podcasts.”

Fresh Batch Selected for Best Podcasts of the Week | The AV Club | June 12 2017

“Michelle Collins has proven herself as the go-to Bachelor and Bachelorette expert via quippy observations on Twitter and as co-host of the rosé-filled after-shows of the various franchises, so it only makes sense that she now weighs in on the latest season with her very own podcast. And thank goodness she’s here to break down what was, in pure Bachelor fashion, one of the MOST DRAMATIC episodes ever.” Listen to Fresh Batch on FDPN

Fresh Batch is an Essential Bachelor Podcast | Refinery 29 | June 6 2017

“Michelle Collins, a longtime internet and Twitter hero, recently launched a podcast about the Bachelor franchise. Once upon a time, Collins hosted After Paradise, a Bachelor after show, with former Bachelor Sean Lowe. She’s a tried-and-true Bachelor fan, replete with memories of seasons all the way back to Emily Maynard’s and Jake Pavelka. Though new to the Bachelor podcast world, Fresh Batch is a welcome member — it’s funny, lively, and a detailed breakdown of the best show on television.”

Las Culturistas w/ Oscar Montoya Selected for This Week in Comedy Podcasts | Splitsider | May 18 2017

“The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Cumbia this week as Las Culturistas round out their LA saga with UCB star and hip hop dance impresario Oscar Montoya. Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang get into it over Oscar’s tattoos, the Power Rangers extended universe, and piña colada muffins, and agree that what really matters is self-knowledge, when it comes down to it.”

‘S-Town’ and ‘Las Culturistas Live,’ Identical Podcast Twins? | Observer | March 31 2017

Las Culturistas is an equally buzzed-about New York pop culture podcast from Forever Dog Productions. Each week, Rogers and Yang sit down with comedian to talk about the pop culture that shaped who they are today. Now you’re probably thinking, what does this have in common with my new favorite podcast S-Town? You would be surprised.”

Las Culturistas LIVE is a New York Times Comedy Pick | NYT | March 16 2017

“Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, hosts of the pop-culture podcast Las Culturistas, will lead a wild live version of their show featuring 50 comedians sounding off on a cultural grievance of their choice for one minute each. Comedians to be featured include the “Saturday Night Live” performer Sasheer Zamata, the “S.N.L.” writer Julio Torres, Phoebe Robinson of WNYC, the “Welcome to Night Vale” performer Dylan Marron and dozens more.”

Las Culturistas is ‘Addictively Bitchy’ | TimeOut New York | March 14 2017

“The pièce de résistance of the pop culture podcast Las Culturistas comes at the end of every episode, when hosts Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang take a minute to say, “I don’t think so, honey!” to the pieces of culture that they can’t be bothered with. Before their Littlefield show on Tuesday March 21, at which 50 of NYC’s funniest comedians—including Sasheer Zamata and Phoebe Robinson—take one minute each with their own rants, the bon vivants give some of the best New York attractions the read.”

Kevin McDonald Talks Podcasting with Tom Power on CBC | CBC |January 3 2017

“Kevin McDonald calls podcasting the ‘last refuge of the comedy scoundrel…’ Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show lives somewhere between the past and the future of entertainment. ‘What I wanted to do was a sort of Jack Benny Show, bring it back to the old radio kind of thing where you can do anything,’ McDonald explains. ‘So I’m taking this futuristic thing called podcast and I’m bringing it way back to the ’30s and ’40s, to the old radio days and that’s what excited me about it.’

Applying It Liberally’s Keisha Zollar and Andrew Kimler Discuss the Role of Comedy Under Trump | PASTE |December 27 2016

“The role of jokes during the Trump administration is more important than ever. They serve to provide levity during these stressful times and to avoid normalizing hatred towards marginalized people. Jokes help empower people to speak up and say, “hey, you’re right, that’s totally fucked.” It’s easy to make jokes that are superficial about Trump because he looks like a walking talking orange clown, but now more than ever, it’s important to use comedy to dismantle the system…” –Keisha Zollar and Andrew Kimler, Co-Hosts of Applying It Liberally podcast

The Scary Secrets of Stasis PA Selected as “Best Limited Series,” Best Comedy Podcasts of 2016 | Splitsider |December 19 2016

“Now that podcasting has been around a bit, a lot of people are realizing they don’t have to just produce an endless parade of episodes for years and years… And it’s beginning to really pay off in the form of very binge-able fare that’s both well-produced and well-acted in the case of the narrative offerings. One recent entry is The Scary Secrets of Stasis PA. This is a 3-part series that was produced as a run up to Halloween this year…”

Las Culturistas’ Bowen Yang Selected as NY Comedian You Need to Know | TimeOut New York | November 23 2016

“When we’re not eating, drinking, art-peeping, shopping and generally checking out the most stellar new things the city has to offer, we’re seeing a lot of live comedy. And with that in mind, we present to you the seven local comedy upstarts who we think are set to get their big breaks. It’s the class of 2016, if you will…” Listen to Las Culturistas on FDPN.

Rob Haze & Chris Daniels Talk to Comedy Hype about Book of Ye | Comedy Hype | November 14 2016

“Who knows more about Kanye than Kanye? Comedians Chris Daniels and Rob Haze might. In fact, the two have a podcast based around everything Kanye West. “Book of Ye” specializes in Kanyeology; they discuss the music, the history and recent news involving Kanye West. On Thursday, November 17th, the podcast will be taping live in Chicago, at the Promontory venue during the Chicago Podcast Festival. Comedy Hype caught up with Rob Haze and Chris Daniels to discuss Kanye West and the “Book of Ye” podcast.”

The Scary Secrets of Stasis PA Selected for Best Podcasts of the Week | Splitsider | October 20 2016

“Not unlike the podcast burgs of King Falls and Night Vale (Welcome To Night Vale), Stasis is a small town (Population: 9,999) that hides many secrets… The writing is sharp, snappy, and funny, with a number of quick turns and non sequiturs reminiscent of the writing of The Simpsons and Family Guy, only definitely NSFW. They also leave enough loose ends that tuning in for parts 2 and 3 feels almost mandatory.”

Kevin McDonald Talks Kids in the Hall, New Podcast | The AV Club | September 9 2016

“From his lynchpin role in sketch troupe The Kids In The Hall to his guest appearances on shows like Friends and his extensive work in animation, Kevin McDonald has long been one of comedy’s most unusual—and instantly recognizable—voices. Now he’s putting that voice to use on his first-ever podcast, Kevin McDonald’s The Kevin McDonald Show, which recently launched on the Forever Dog Podcast Network. Described by McDonald as an old-fashioned variety “show within a show” akin to The Jack Benny Program, the podcast finds McDonald plying both the comedy skills he’s honed over decades of sketch and improv, as well as trying on some new ones as an interviewer.”

Kevin McDonald Hopes You Listen to Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show | Paste Magazine | September 6 2016

“The quirkily named Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show is a clever play on the branding often associated with live television events, tours or even, heck, stadiums. The brand Kevin McDonald presents the comedian Kevin McDonald, but, more than that, the title signifies the show-within-a-show approach he uses to frame each episode. He’s especially looking to The Jack Benny Program for inspiration when it comes to formatting. “It interests me because you can do everything,” he explains about the structure. “You can actually do a sketch, but then you can do a sketch where I play myself and I’m having trouble doing the sketch.”

Chicago Podcast Festival Features Two FDPN Podcasts | Chicago Tribune | August 29 2016

“The first ever Chicago Podcast Festival, featuring some 30 comedy and storytelling podcasts from networks including Earwolf and Maximum Fun, is slated for Nov. 17-19.” Includes live recordings of The Book of Ye and Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show.

The Book of Ye Podcast Explores All Things Kanye | The Daily Dot | August 21 2016

The Book of Ye is dedicated to thinking through and about all-things Yeezy. The result is an hour-long episode posted every few weeks about whatever news West is generating; discussions about his album or a specific song; and guests ranging from Dante Holley, the man who won a free pair of Yeezys after guessing the title of West’s album The Life of Pablo based only on the acronym “TLOP”; to “Crying Jordan Meme” king Lawrence DeLoach… As the co-hosts of the show, [Rob] Haze and [Chris] Daniels are clearly fascinated with West, but they don’t come across as fanboys. In fact, their love for West feels more like that of a creative individual whom they respect and admire. Antics be damned.”

Inspirer Talks to Applying It Liberally’s Keisha Zollar | Inspirer | August 17 2016

“Actress, comedian, and activist Keisha Zollar has graced our screens on many shows including ‘Orange is the New Black” and A&E’s new show “Black and White.” The California born Zollar co-hosts an eye opening podcast Applying it Liberally with her husband, where the two go toe-to-toe on politics, pop culture, and discuss being an interracial couple.”

Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show Featured in Splitsider | Splitsider | August 11 2016

“It’s been 30+ years since the Kids In The Hall first got together as a comedy troupe in Canada. And although they rarely perform as a unit these days, it’s good to see the “kids” are all right on their own. Kevin McDonald kicked off his new podcast this past week, part of the Forever Dog Podcast Network, and it’s quite a production. More like a nighttime TV talkshow, McDonald’s show sports an announcer, a couple of fairly big name guests (Wallace Shawn and the Crash Test Dummies’ Brad Roberts), and some supporting sketch players.”

Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show Selected for Best Podcasts of the Week | The AV Club | August 8 2016

“Joined by Wallace Shawn and Brad Roberts, McDonald and his cast tackle the difficult task of entertaining the live audience as well as the people who will listen to the recorded podcast. The result is a major success. In the opening sketch, Wallace, who has one of the most recognizable voices in the world, plays Sherlock Holmes. “Ah, yes! Cocaine quickens the mind in the quest for truth,” he exclaims in a faux British accent. After proving that the magic of the audio play still lives, McDonald interviews Wallace…”

The Five: Greatest Kanye West Comedy Crossovers | The Interrobang | August 8 2016

The Book of Ye co-hosts Rob Haze and Chris Daniels compile the definite Kanye West comedy crossover moments for Interrobang’s weekly column THE FIVE… “It seems ironic that Kanye West is now known to the internet as being the guy that doesn’t like to smile in pictures, because he refused to smile while taking selfies with privileged teenagers during one of the closest Super Bowls in recent history. Kanye actually has a great sense of humor and great taste in comedy.”

The Book of Ye Ep13 Reviewed in Huffington Post | Huffington Post | August 5 2016

“Still hot is the ongoing sort-of-feud between Kanye and Taylor Swift… This topic dominates a big chunk of the episode but there is a lot more in store for the co-hosts and their guest to break down… including a dissection of Ye’s Monster track, Desiigner’s Tiimmy Turner release, how bad ass Black Panther was in Captain America: Civil War, and more.”

Soren & Jolles Appear on Keith and the Girl Podcast | Keith and the Girl Podcast | July 28 2016

Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles, co-creators of soren & jolles Presents on FDPN, visit the Keith and the Girl Podcast. Episode 2437: Vomitous. “Bad interviewers; eating disorders; Donald Trump urges Russia to hack Clinton’s emails; Anthony Weiner vs. Donald Trump, Jr.; Michelle Obama comments on the White House being built by slaves and Bill O’Reilly rebuts that the slaves were ‘well-fed’ with ‘decent lodgings’; ALS breakthrough; mom beats daughter on Facebook Live; the classic woman-groping prank.”

Comedy Cake Quick Dish: Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show | Comedy Cake | July 26 2016

“You really can’t call yourself a comedy enthusiast without being familiar with the iconic sketch group and series The Kids In the Hall. The group’s brand of humor paved the way for so many young comedy innovators. Founder, Kevin McDonald, has continued to bring smiles to audiences around the world since then. His television credits include The Martin Short Show, That ’70s Show, Seinfeld, Friends, NewsRadio, MADtv, and Arrested Development, as well as voice work for animated series like Nickelodeon’s Invader Zim and Clerks: The Animated Series…”

Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show is a NYT Comedy Pick | New York Times | July 21 2016

“Kevin McDonald (“Kids in the Hall”) presents this live variety show of sketch comedy, music and “uninhibited tomfoolery,” which will be recorded for his monthly podcast. He will be joined by the musician Brad Roberts. At 8 p.m., Union Hall, 702 Union Street, at Fifth Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn.”

Kids in the Hall’s Kevin McDonald Launches Live Variety Podcast on Forever Dog Podcast Network | | July 12 2016

“Kevin McDonald already has an impressive comedy resume which includes his role as a founding member of the iconic Canadian sketch group, The Kids in the Hall… Now, McDonald is adding the title of podcast host to his sprawling comedy career as he is gearing up for the debut episode of Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show. The new podcast is set to premiere with the Forever Dog Podcast Network on Aug. 1 following a July 28 live taping at Union Hall in Brooklyn.”

Book of Ye Co-Host Rob Haze is One of Brooklyn’s 50 Funniest People | Brooklyn Magazine | May 26 2016

“One of the most-sustained audience laughters we’ve ever heard was in reaction to Rob Haze, who, for just over two minutes of stand-up, talked about gluten intolerance in white people. As the place erupted, Haze remained so even keeled you’d think her were grocery shopping. This is a big part of the power of his delivery: before you know what’s hit you, his low-key delivery has you doubled over in laughter. Catch him on Adam Devine’s House Party on Comedy Central and on Viceland’s Flophouse, or while he’s touring stages across the country.” Listen to Book of Ye on FDPN.

Las Culturistas Co-Host Bowen Yang is One of Brooklyn’s 50 Funniest People | Brooklyn Magazine | May 26 2016

“The toughest part about being on the Brooklyn comedy scene today is the looming threat of global warfare. The best part is that there’s no shortage of people who are both inspired in their work and also willing to help you. I used to think that someone’s talent was inversely correlated with how generous they are with their time, but I’ve found the opposite to be true, and I think that’s somewhat specific to Brooklyn.” Listen to Las Culturistas on FDPN.

The Book of Ye Selected for Best Podcasts of the Week | The AV Club | March 28 2016

The Book Of Ye is a new bi-weekly podcast from comedians Rob Haze and Chris Daniels. It may also be the first podcast dedicated to exploring the multifaceted life and times of Kanye West… This isn’t a show that seeks to explain or defend West to listeners. However, it’s more about diving into his dark twisted fantasy in a noble attempt to figure it all out. The result is a truly fun and laid back philosophical discussion.”

Cilio & Ramsey at the 2016 Dallas Comedy Festival  | Dallas Comedy House Blog | March 16 2016

“Forever Dog, based in New York and Los Angeles, are multi-taskers. And that’s putting it lightly. These guys do a little bit of everything! Co-founder, Joe Cilio, let me in on what we can expect from his and Alex Ramsey’s (also a Forever Dog co-founder) sketch show at DCF, as well as the awesome stuff we can look forward to from the Forever Dog team this year.”

Forever Dog’s “Volcano Town” Part 8 at The PIT | Broadway World | August 10 2015

“Forever Dog Productions has made a name for itself in the New York comedy/theater world through the ambition, scope, and quality of its projects. Its latest undertaking, Volcano Town, is no exception. A 12-­part play that blends dark comedy, music, political drama, and fantasy, Volcano Town tells the epic story of Zoar, PA, a corrupt mining town full of mystery that may or may not be on the verge of being destroyed by a giant volcano. With over 40 characters and a plot that takes audiences from the inner sanctums of city hall to the neon recesses of karaoke dive bars to the bowels of Hell itself, Volcano Town pushes the boundaries of what theater can do and what a comedy show can be.”

Cilio & Ramsey Selected as Must See at Chicago Sketch Comedy Fest | Time Out Chicago | January 6 2015

“With 168 groups performing 188 shows over eight days, the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival is the largest sketch fest in the country, so it’s understandable if looking at the the line-up makes your eyes go blurry. To help set your comedy agenda, consult this list of 20 must-see sketch groups.”