Synopsis: Heroes of Our Time tells the story of two dead friends desperately trying to catch a break in New York City. In Part One of this two part short film, Joe Cilio and Alex Ramsey attempt to realize their full potential as artists by becoming comedic improvisers and later, the leading men in a play written by Ron Muffinlips, a wandering New York playwright. In Part Two, Joe and Alex’s success comes to a screeching halt when the discovery of a dead nuclear physicist in their apartment forces them to become old-timey detectives. The two gumshoes come up against a magical demon, a scatological femme fatal, and a room that has too many people in it. Their relentless pursuit of the truth leads to the ultimate realization: being dead is just as weird as being alive but both are better when you’re with your best friend.

Directed by Gabriel Laks | Written by Joe Cilio and Alex Ramsey | Cinematography by Alex Gallitano | Starring Joe Cilio & Alex Ramsey. Featuring Allison Brown, David Ebert, Jenny Jaffe, Andrew Block, Jennifer Dunne, Ron Krasnow, Gary Kang, Jose Rivera Jr, Dan Wilbur, Joe Silver, Gabriel Laks, Terra McNerthney, Todd Stone, Adam Stone, & Charles Dente