Splitsider Best of 2016, Limited Series Comedy Podcast

“Very binge-able fare that’s both well-produced and well-acted… The writing is sharp, snappy, and funny, with a number of quick turns and non sequiturs reminiscent of the writing of The Simpsons.” -Splitsider

Welcome to Stasis PA, a small town where nothing ever changes, not even the size of the population. But when the high school valedictorian disappears in the days leading up to Halloween, the dark secrets of the town bubble to the surface. “The Scary Secrets of Stasis PA” is a three-part horror comedy kitchfest.

Starring: Allison Brown, Taurean Hill, Gabi Van Horn, Michelle Thompson, Amy Holt, Brett Boham, Alex Ramsey, and Joe Cilio Written/Directed By: Brett Boham