Chris Daniels

Chris Daniels hails out of the Michigan comedy scene, where he began performing locally and then at clubs throughout the Midwest, before moving to his current home of New York City. Chris’s keen observational humor ranges across a variety of topics from his personal upbringing to the comic books, movies, sports and pop culture that have defined his existence. He has performed at the Detroit Comedy Festival, Gilda’s Laughfest, the Brooklyn Comedy Festival, and has had work featured in the pages of Valiant Comics.


The Book of Ye Comedians Rob Haze and Chris Daniels enter the Kanye-verse to explore the cultural significance and artistic legacy of Mr. Kanye West. Every episode, joined by a special guest, the duo dives into a different chapter of the ever-expanding legend of the mad genius Yeezy.

Podcast Monsters, Episode 38: “Riddle Me This” The gang is joined by comedian and fellow Forever Dog podcast host, Chris Daniels! The four are plunged into the riddle filled Cinnabar volcano, where we finally meet the Gym Leader for the penultimate badge in Ash’s Kanto journey.