RELATIVELY HEALTHY / Episode 1: “Humans Are Really Just Vectors” (with Tori Amoscato, L.Ac.) Janie and Dr. Ellen Stolar are joined by licensed acupuncturist and eastern medicine practitioner, Tori Amoscato, L. Ac. They discuss acupuncture, the poetry of Chinese medicine, juice cleanses, and decoding the tongue, as well as answering listener submitted questions about orgasms, vaginas, and finding the right doctor. Plus, Dr. Ellen debunks a common flu myth.

APPLYING IT LIBERALLYEpisode 25: “I Love It” (with Katie Howells and Claire Matson) Keisha, Andrew, and their guests also cover Donald Trump Jr.’s email release and his place in the family. They discuss the proposed health care bill and talk about David Brooks’ article on liberal elites in America. They also cover a new take on some of the terrible things that are happening to the environment, specifically permafrost. Lastly, they discuss the incorrect translation of the word ‘jihad’ and how it has been used to further vilify Islamic Americans. And stay tuned until the end of the episode for a review of Timothy Snyder’s ‘On Tyranny.’

REGRETSVILLE / Episode 1: “Profit and Loss, Baby!” (with Alyssa Limperis) Tracy Soren & Jessie Jolles invite Alyssa Limperis (The Scene) onto the podcast to discuss her two biggest regrets. Then, Tracy relives her chai-tea sickness at Passover, Jessie remembers the good ‘ol “college frat pudding room” days, both reflect on getting kicked out of Panera Bread earlier in the week, and a whole lot more.

THE PODCAST FOR LAUNDRY Episode 1: “Tom Scharpling” Welcome laundry fanatics! Throw a load in and get ready for your new favorite podcast. This week, “laundry guru” Brett Davis talks laundry, laundromats, and detergent with a difficult Tom Scharpling. Recorded at the Grove Laundromat (Montclair, NJ).

LAS CULTURISTASEpisode 38: “Party Time” (with Sasheer Zamata) The QUEEN Sasheer Zamata joins Matt & Bowen in-studio for a MOMENTOUS cultural discussion that’s sure to make you say, “okay, yes, THIS!” They talk Top 3 Favorite Disney movies, theme park horror stories, auditioning for Tokyo Disney, The Hall Of Presidents, The Goofy Movie…then later, they GET INTO Sasheer’s comedic origins, her love of improv, and much much more.

KEVIN MCDONALD’S KEVIN MCDONALD SHOW / Episode 9: Susanna Hoffs On a special in-studio episode, Kevin chats with Susanna Hoffs about the origins of The Bangles, punk rock memories, and her signature side eye. Susanna recounts seeing the final Sex Pistols concert with Belinda Carlisle, badgering Rodney Bingenheimer for airtime, touring with Cyndi Lauper and Queen, and much more.

FRESH BATCH / “Bonus! Magic Mich XXL” LIVE (with Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber) Michelle is away for the holiday! So as a bonus for Fresh Batch listeners, here’s a little bit of her show “Magic Mich XXL,” live from the UCB Theater NY on June 14th! In it, she talks about her bedbug scare after a wedding in the Hamptons, when she won an AOL contest to see Dennis Miller right before college, and that time she got Pityriasis. Then, she welcomes Bobby Finger & Lindsey Weber onto the show to discuss their very popular podcast, “Who? Weekly.”

THE BOOK OF YE / Episode 37: “RoboCop” (with dame FK) dame FK joins the podcast to give some honest opinions on how Kanye moves as an artist. The guys get into the shoe game, album and fashion contributions, Eddie Murphy’s legacy, and talk about Kanye’s VH1 storyteller’s performance of “RoboCop.”