LAS CULTURISTASEpisode 29: “Oprah, as in Winfrey” (with Phoebe Robinson) ZSA ZSA ZSU!!! Matt and Bowen cannot contain their excitement, honeys, because this week they’re GRACED with the presence of NYT bestselling author and comedy podcast mogul PHOEBE ROBINSON (2 Dope Queens). Phoebe tells an iconic story about playing phone tag with Oprah (as in Winfrey) and explains why U2 and Felicity are the two pillars of her culture temple. Plus so, so, so much more.

THE BOOK OF YEEpisode 33: “Everyone Nose (Remix)” (with Shalewa Sharpe & Courtney Fearrington) Rob’s outta town, so friends of the podcast and Thug Passion’s own Shalewa Sharpe and Courtney Fearrington fill in for the latest episode of The Book of Ye. They join Chris to talk about Ja Rule’s disastrous Fyre Festival, how Kanye wanted every song on Watch The Throne to have the n-word in the title, new Yeezy’s, and the “Everyone Nose” remix. Plus, they unveil a classic track from Rob’s college mixtape that’s found its way into Chris’s possession.

APPLYING IT LIBERALLYEpisode 20: “100 Days Down” (with Allison Kilkenny & Dylan Marron) AIL is back with a very special, fiery episode all about Donald Trump’s first 100 Days as President of the United States — and they’ve invited some of the most brilliant young liberals in New York City to join them: Allison Kilkenny (Citizen Radio) & Dylan Marron (Seriously.TV). But first, Keisha tells the traumatic story of her 3 weeks in the ICU, followed by a discussion about the future of health care in Trump’s America.

KEVIN MCDONALD’S KEVIN MCDONALD SHOW / Episode 5: Scott Thompson, Dana Gould, and Gin Blossoms Kevin is joined by fellow Kid In The Hall and best bud, Scott Thompson, and dear friend Dana Gould for a night of comedy, music, and cat euthanasia stories! Plus music from Gin Blossoms. Recorded Live at the Nerdist Showroom, Meltdown Comics, Los Angeles.

FAKE IT TIL YOU BREAK IT / Episode 9: “Pizzagate” (with Will Sommer) Campaign Editor for The Hill Will Sommer relentlessly covered Pizzagate. Now Sommer joins Oliver to talk about the right-wing media, Alex Jones, and the history of one of Fake News’ “Greatest Hits.”

LITERATIEpisode 19: “Slavoj Zizek” (with Tim Mahoney) Colin & Michael  reveal their brand new erotic business endeavor, “Dr. Flesh” — a website that tells you exactly where to find the sexiest parts of every book ever made.  Then they invite Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic, Slavoj Žižek (Tim Mahoney, MTV) onto the show to read a chapter from his most recent book, “Post-Truth Axiomatic Hermeneutics: How The Myth Of A Myth Lied To The Western World – Essays On Hegel, Lacan, and the Film Cruel Intentions.”