KEVIN MCDONALD’S KEVIN MCDONALD SHOW / Episode 5: Scott Thompson, Dana Gould, and Gin Blossoms Kevin is joined by fellow Kid In The Hall and best bud, Scott Thompson, and dear friend Dana Gould for a night of comedy, music, and cat euthanasia stories! Plus music from Gin Blossoms. Recorded Live at the Nerdist Showroom, Meltdown Comics, Los Angeles.

LAS CULTURISTAS / Episode 21: “Spider Wars” (with Patti Harrison) OOOO Bitch, we have it ALL this episode (and you can too!) – We GOT Patti Harrison, we GOT “I Don’t Think So Honey,” and you know we GOT our brand new segment, “My Perfect Little Doo-Dah Day!” Listen birds – Patti spills on Nature Nick, Matt gives a tour of the Hearst Tower, and Bowen lets you know which Warby Parker frame is a must (the Bowen).

APPLYING IT LIBERALLYEpisode 18: “TrumpCare, Policing, & Reboots (with Elsa Waithe) On this week’s episode of “Applying It Liberally,” Keisha & Andrew invite comedian and activist Elsa Waithe (@elsajustelsa) onto the show. Discussion topics include the Cinder Block Comedy Festival, the underrepresentation of minorities in entertainment, Nike’s Pro Hijab, TrumpCare, Police Brutality and Militarization in America, CopWatch in NYC, Gold Comedy, and more.

THE BOOK OF YE / Episode 30: “Everything I Am” (with Nate Fridson) Nate Fridson (Microwave Johnson) joins Rob & Chris to talk about the new cuts from Drake and Rick Ross. Then, they get into Kanye’s appearance on the Paris episode of KUWTK and the rise of Kanye-bot. Later, Nate talks about one of his favorite songs, “Everything I Am” off Graduation and not liking College Dropout from the jump.

LITERATIEpisode 19: “Slavoj Žižek” (with Tim Mahoney) Colin & Michael  reveal their brand new erotic business endeavor, “Dr. Flesh” — a website that tells you exactly where to find the sexiest parts of every book ever made.  Then they invite Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic, Slavoj Žižek (Tim Mahoney, MTV) onto the show to read a chapter from his most recent book, “Post-Truth Axiomatic Hermeneutics: How The Myth Of A Myth Lied To The Western World – Essays On Hegel, Lacan, and the Film Cruel Intentions.”

Fake It Til You Break ItEpisode 2: “Digital Publishing” (with Mark Glaser) Oliver considers the relationship between fake news and digital publishing, and the ways in which the online landscape rewards amateur journalism and fosters the alternative fact-verse. Oliver also welcomes special guest Mark Glaser (founder, publisher, and executive editor, MediaShift.org) to discuss his concerns about the influence of fake news on the future of digital publishing.