KEVIN MCDONALD’S KEVIN MCDONALD SHOW / Episode 4: Dave Foley, Michael Showalter, and John Roderick (The Long Winters) Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall) hosts a live variety show complete with sketches, stories, conversation, live music, and general tomfoolery. Featuring special guests Dave Foley and Michael Showalter and musical guest John Roderick (The Long Winters). Recorded live at the 16th Annual San Francisco Sketchfest.

LAS CULTURISTASEpisode 20: “Daddy” (with Brian Faas) Get it together, honeys. We got hot culture coming your way — and it’s REAL because your Culturistas have invited GURU Brian Faas (Best Week Ever, Above Average) onto the show. Topics include Lady Gaga, Brandy, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Dolly Parton, Dollywood, Clueless, the Grammys, and much more! Plus — their world famous segment “I Don’t Think So, Honey,” which sparks a relevant discussion you must hear.

THE NEWSEpisode 35: “Steve Bannon” Joe & Alex tackle the news without Andy, who is stuck on the Amtrak. Up top, they address what’s on everyone’s mind — Masterclass.com, “The Pirates Of The Carribean” franchise, and The Bachelor. Later, they talk about White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon and his disturbing influence over Donald Trump.

THE BOOK OF YEEpisode 27: “Lost In The World” (with Brandon Collins) Falcons took an L but today we bounce back! In the latest installment of “The Book of Ye,” Brandon Collins (Comedy Outliers) joins the podcast to discuss “Lost in the World” from MBDTF. Later, he and the guys talk Big Sean, the Super Bowl, Yeezy Season, and much more!

APPLYING IT LIBERALLYEpisode 15: “Ban, Bannon, & Nationalism” (with Leila Ben-Abdallah) Keisha & Andrew invite Leila Ben-Abdallah (@L_BenAbdallah)onto the podcast to discuss Trump’s Muslim ban and the nationwide protests that erupted in response. Later, they talk Steve Bannon’s appointment to the National Security Council, Nationalism vs. Patriotism, American Fascism, and many more light topics that aren’t frightening whatsoever!

LITERATIEpisode 16: “Lamont” (with Dan Chamberlain) Colin & Michael provide listeners with a list of major ideas and concepts they’ll need to write a successful book. Then, they explain how to make your characters more exciting by giving them a defining characteristic. Later, they invite Lamont (Dan Chamberlain) onto the show to read from Book Four of his eBook fantasy series, “The Riders Of JaRule.”